Creative Communities in the Philippines


Mentoring in business is the new normal

I’m halfway through a Global Mentoring Certification Course for Entrepreneurs and it still amazes me that so much value is given away for free in the business landscape today.

My Intro to Startups in the PH in 2017

How does a complete newbie to the startup scene get in the loop?

Battle of the Beaches: Bali

Filipinos grow up with some of the best beaches in the world, making us beach snobs. In terms of natural beauty and overall beach experience, how do the beaches of Bali compare?

A visit to the biggest vermicompost farm in SE Asia

Organic farming has grown in the Philippines, and it’s always nice to visit these farms and learn their stories. Often they are stories built on sustainability and community. I got to visit one such farm in Lipa, Batangas last June 2017: Kahariam Farms.  

I went Digital Nomad for a week++ in Bali

I’m now on Day 9 in Bali, working on my laptop by the beach (yay!), getting a feel of what it’s like to work remotely in a paradise location.

First hello from Daila Farm, Tagaytay

I visited my friends Benjamin and Amalia of Kayumanggi Organic over at #Daila Farms in #Tagaytay yesterday and am happy to give you guys a peep into sustainable living practices in the PH. They have mudhouses here and just opened traditional huts on Airbnb!

My Wealth Creation Journey (Part 2)

My Wealth Creation Journey (Part 2)

I will share a secret.  One of the main drivers of Alaya.PH is for me to find my community/ tribe. I am showing up, hoping you will show up too.

My Story as a Teacher

My Story as a Teacher

My personal experience as an educator is limited, but I’m an excellent learner.   I’ve always loved to learn.  I read the dictionary and encyclopedia for fun as a child, and to this day, I’m like a kid in a toy store when I encounter anything […]

Kindness is the way forward

I was listening to a podcast the other day and they talked about the #refugee #crisis as one of the defining moments of our generation. Are we going to be remembered for our kindness?

My Wealth Creation Journey (Part 1)

My Wealth Creation Journey (Part 1)

I didn’t go to business school, so much of what I know and feel about money, I learned out there on the streets (and yes, I’m still learning everyday!). I’ve made small and big mistakes and they cost me money, but I regard every one […]